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Carter Street Master Plan and DCP

e8urban working with Space Design and Frank Turquoise are currently developing a master plan for the Carter Street Priority Precinct for the Department of Planning and Environment.

The master plan will consider how new public transport and road infrastructure can be integrated into the current master plan and how the Sydney Olympic Park Master Plan can connect into the precinct.

Key tasks included:

  • Study area analysis to illustrate: Land use, Change potential, Existing and proposed employment areas, Existing and proposed destinations

  • Scale comparisons to benchmark against other urban areas and renewal initiatives 

  • Transport Data Zone Analysis to understand existing and projected populations and employment numbers

  • Development of a precinct integration model to test pedestrian and cycle connectivity and opportunities

  • Identification of urban planning and design considerations, including: public domain, built form diversity, activation and programming

  • Development of street sections that integrate different forms of cycle infrastructure including off-road and shared paths.

  • Preparation of LEP and DCP controls for the site


The study will go on public exhibition in mid 2018.

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