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Parametric Urban Design

Parametric Modelling involves using 3D computer software to define, compute and interpret key metrics and data. Modelling typically involves the development of computer scripts that are developed as bespoke innovations for a particular project or problem. 

Importantly Parametric Modelling allows for a clear comparable evidence base to be presented to client and stakeholders, and for options to be compared and tested.

The following applications of Parametric Modelling have been developed by e8urban:


  • Yield and development data analysis

  • Solar plane modelling

  • Lot size analysis

  • Isochrone and pedestrian connectivity analysis

  • View corridor analysis

  • Solar access and SEPP 65 compliance analysis 

  • Benchmarking of built projects to produce comparable metrics


Parametric Modelling allows for bespoke responses to specific challenges with the outputs created in clear graphics and diagrams. 

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