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Narara EcoVillage Stage 2 Master Plan

Located on the site of the former The Gosford Horticultural Institute, the proposed Narara Ecovillage is an ambitious member led project to develop a fully ‘o -grid’ mixed use community for up to 400 new residents.

e8urban have been working on the second stage of this project to develop an overarching plan for 100 dwellings and associated community facilities, commercial premises and common areas.


The design process has centered around an inclusive workshop process where cooperative members have been involved in and use planning and the selection of built form types.

Central to the development of the approach to the project has been to create a framework that allows for a clear differentiation between the traditional suburb and the village.

This approach has allowed for a fine grain planing approach with a mix of small and large lot housing, the adaptive re- use of heritage buildings and proposed conversion of industrial buildings into spaces for small scale employment and retail.

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